We are a team of urban designers, planners, landscape architects, transportation planners, environmental scientists and engineers who are passionate about progressive city-building.

Our unique solutions stem from our dedication to create vibrant urban places that balance uses with the management of sustainable engineered systems. We lead by example and recognize that cities are living organisms that require adaptive frameworks and flexible designs to achieve long-term social inclusion, economic prosperity, and environmental resilience.

From creating award-winning new visions to managing incompatible land uses, Dillon brings human-centered thinking and design solutions to projects that connect communities and bring spaces to life.

Our Services Offerings:

  • Community Planning
    • Comprehensive Community Plans (e.g. Official Plans, Municipal Plans, Secondary Plans)
    • Zoning By-laws
    • Housing studies
    • Development process support and enhancement
    • Land Use Plans
    • Employment lands studies
    • Planning advisory services for Government
    • Urban design projects including:
      • Parks planning
      • Conceptual streetscape design
      • Urban design policy and guidelines
      • Waterfront planning
    • Sustainability and resiliency planning including climate change adaptation projects
    • Community energy plans
    • Circular economy studies
    • Community and stakeholder engagement strategies, programming and facilitation
  • Integrated Mobility
    • Multi-modal transportation systems planning
    • Network plans
    • Modelling and forecasting
    • Transportation guidelines and policy
    • Operational traffic studies (e.g., traffic calming studies, parking studies)
    • Active transportation plans
    • Traffic impact studies
    • Transit master plans
    • Rural transit studies
    • Corridor functional studies
    • Green fleet and Electric Vehicle/Autonomous Vehicle (EV/AV) strategies

Key Contact

Kolli, Karla_550px

Karla Kolli

E: kkolli@dillon.ca
P: 416.229.4646416.229.4646

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