Kelso Conservation Area and Glen Eden Ski and Snowboarding Area Master Plan – Halton, ON

Dillon was retained to work with the Halton Region Conservation Authority to undertake the Kelso Conservation Area and Glen Eden Master Plan (Kelso Master Plan) to set the foundational elements to update and create a new vision for their flagship park.

The Master Plan recognized that the visitation needs and population growth, programming, infrastructure challenges, best management practices, planning principles, land use directions, and economic drivers had evolved over the last 15 years. This was also an opportune time to assess and update the Niagara Escarpment Parks and Open Space System (NEPOSS) management zoning.

The Master Plan was prepared in three phases which included an extensive inventory and analysis summary phase, a conceptual development plan phase, and a final Master Plan phase. The Master Plan involved two distinctive areas based on the Main North Kelso Concept as well as the Kelso Quarry area comprising over 300 ha.

Rendering of the Kelso North plan

The Master Plan proposed enhancement and revitalization of 22 activity zones, where a range of new and upgraded facilities, ecological protection and enhancements, and improved public access, form the core of the plan that would lead to a new experience and improved financial results for the site.

Dillon led a public engagement process both in person and digitally to gather a comprehensive perspective integral to the plan’s success. Workshops included the approval agencies to address the unique natural features of the site. The Master Plan provided direction on primary management zones and the core principles that focus on the protection of the areas ecology. Site designs were prepared for a diverse collection of recreational amenities including new ski facilities, an extensive trail network, a waterfront trail and boardwalk experience, and a new village centre as part of the overall plan.

A complete business plan and cost analysis tied to market trends formed the foundation for the overall plan approach.

Project Details

Project Partner: Halton Region Conservation Authority
Business Unit: Community Infrastructure
Service Offering: Parks and Public Spaces