Parking Occupancy and Compliance Studies – Ottawa, ON

The City of Ottawa retains Dillon on a recurring basis to assess the occupancy and compliance of sub-zones within the City’s on-street paid parking network. This includes verifying the number of paid parking spaces available, surveying occupancy levels, and ensuring compliance with the municipal bylaw.

Dillon has been involved in this project since 2011, and produces a technical report with specific data for each sub-zone as requested by the City. The data is collected twice a year, in the spring and fall, by surveying each block face at various times on weekdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and collecting information on parking space occupancy and compliance, as well as the number of bicycles and commercial scooters parked on the block. The data is then summarized and compared using Excel spreadsheets and shown graphically using GIS mapping.

Ottawa parking compliance map

Project Details

Project Partner: City of Ottawa
Business Unit: Community Strategies
Service Offering: Integrated Mobility