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Growth & Development

We work hard to support and encourage individual growth, and invest more than double the national average per employee.

In addition to the abundance of career challenges and opportunities available to our people, we are also committed to directly investing in the personal and professional development of every Dillon team member at every stage of their career. Not only is Continuous Development one of our six core values, it is ingrained in our Mission and our Vision.

Ongoing skills and knowledge development, training programs, and mentoring are just the beginning. Our commitment to growth and development is also evidenced through increased decision-making opportunities, the achievement of personal milestones, taking on increased responsibilities, working on harder or more innovative projects, and participating in the creation of ‘better’ solutions. Dillon also pays for work-related professional membership fees, and offers financial support to employees who wish to pursue continuing education opportunities. 

As part of Dillon’s ongoing commitment to the development of our employees, Dillon staff are encouraged to take advantage of training programs that support the business needs. Dillon will also pay for work-related professional membership fees and offers financial support to employees who wish to pursue continuing education opportunities such as a university degree or college diploma.

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“The continuous development of yourself and others is not just one of our core values, it will be an expectation at every stage of your career, as it is with all staff. Why? Because by continually growing our skills and knowledge, we are able to uncover new possibilities not just for our clients, but for ourselves— allowing us to grow not just as a firm, but as individuals. This balance of individuality and autonomy with team play and shared success is one of our key differentiators.”

Shayne Giles, President, Dillon Consulting