Dillon is a leader in designing, building and maintaining community infrastructure. We are innovators in this field and are sought after from coast to coast and abroad. Our strengths lie in our demonstrated competencies in civil engineering including water resources management, road design, and water and wastewater engineering. With our experience we are able to coordinate and complete complex projects under strict timelines.

Our team pushes the edges of conventional engineering to incorporate solutions which contribute to a higher degree of environmental sustainability and social benefits to the communities served. We adapt well-established engineering practices and emerging principles, such as Low Impact Development (LID) measures and leading-edge solutions in both urban redevelopment and “greenfield” applications.

Our Services Offerings:

  • Linear Infrastructure
    • Municipal Infrastructure Master Plans
    • Water Systems (water supply, distribution and storage systems)
    • Storm and sanitary sewer collection systems
    • Minor rehabilitation/upgrades to municipal roads
  • Treatment and Pumping Infrastructure
    • Design of new or upgrades to water and wastewater treatment plants and pumping facilities
  • Asset Management
    • Municipal Asset Management Plans
    • Asset management strategies
    • Operational support
    • Community and staff training
    • Condition assessments
    • Departmental service reviews
  • Drainage and Climate
    • Stormwater drainage systems
    • Hydraulic/hydrologic modelling
    • Stormwater management
    • Flood related studies
    • Infrastructure vulnerability assessments related to climate change
  • Parks and Public Spaces
    • Detailed design of exterior public spaces including:
      • Parks
      • Recreation trails
      • Plazas
      • Waterfronts
      • Beautification projects
      • Municipal parking lots
      • Other outdoor public spaces.

Key Contact

Rory Pickard

Rory Pickard

E: rpickard@dillon.ca
P: 506.444.8820506.444.8820

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