Rhiana Barnes

E: RBarnes@dillon.ca


Rhiana is a Professional Licensee (Engineering) and an Associate with over 17 years’ experience in transportation infrastructure projects across Canada. Rhiana's focus over the years has been on new and rehabilitation projects for Bridges and the civil infrastructure associated with bridge design from conceptual, preliminary, detailed design and tender preparation including drawings and specifications.  Rhiana has used her technical expertise across Canada for both large and small scale projects within Dillon with the majority of her experience being in southern Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. She has had the opportunity to be the lead for project coordination on multidisciplinary project across the company.  She has additional experience in highway and municipal projects and providing construction administration and construction observation services for projects in Alberta.

Blackfriars Bridge by Tess Widdifield Photography

Blackfriars Bridge - London, ON

Opened in September 1875, Blackfriars Bridge is a single span structure over the north branch of the Thames River, connecting Ridout Street North to Blackfriars Street near the northwest corner of the Central Business District of London, Ontario. It is the only bowstring arch truss of its kind in Canada, only one of four that still carry vehicular loads in North America and the only bridge of its kind open to two lanes of traffic. It is the oldest wrought iron or steel through truss bridge on the Ontario Heritage Bridge List. The City of London retained Dillon to complete a risk assessment, environmental assessment, as well as provide the detailed design and tendering services for the preferred rehabilitation option.

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Lakeview Storm System Improvements - Calgary, AB

Flooding in the community of Lakeview has been a frequent and recurring problem. Like many older neighbourhoods in Calgary, Lakeview’s drainage system did not meet current service level expectations for stormwater drainage. An analysis of the storm drainage system in Lakeview revealed that the existing storm sewers provided inadequate conveyance resulting in less than a 1-in-2 year service level (50% chance of occurring) and that the overland drainage system was not designed to manage extreme events. As a result, recurring road flooding, sewer surcharge/backup and property flooding occurred during major storms. 

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Ribbon saying Rapid Transit has arrived in front of bus

Southwest Transitway - Winnipeg, MB

The transitway is a high-speed roadway for buses, physically separated from the regular street system, allowing buses to operate at speeds up to 80kph, free of any other traffic to provide fast, reliable service.Dillon acted as project lead, providing expertise in systems design, traffic operations, foundation design, structural design, running way and roadway design, signaling and transit priority measures, station design, construction planning, construction administration, rapid transit service planning, system implementation. Read More
Rt. Hon. Herb Gray Parkway - Windsor / Essex, ON

Rt. Hon. Herb Gray Parkway - Windsor / Essex, ON

The Rt. Hon. Herb Gray Parkway is the roadway component of the Detroit River’sNew International Trade Crossing. Federal, provincial and state governments in the United States and Canada partnered to find a solution that provides safe, efficient and secure movement of people and goods across the border. The project, previously called the Windsor Essex Parkway, has an anticipated capital cost of $1.6B (CDN) is being delivered as an Alternative Finance Procurement (AFP). Once complete the new parkway will provide uninterrupted traffic flow. This is the most significant highway investment being made in Ontario. 

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