Over the years, Dillon’s Land Development group has grown into one of Canada’s largest professional development teams who are passionate and progressive. Our depth and breadth of skills, along with our national exposure and ability to work in provincial, regional, city, neighbourhood and site specific levels have made Dillon an industry leader.

We are dedicated to creating sustainable solutions and balancing environmental integrity for communities comprised of residential, retail, commercial and industrial facilities, inside and outside the urban core. We recognize that all communities are living organisms that require adaptive frameworks and flexible designs to achieve long-term
social inclusion, economic prosperity, and environmental resilience.

Our Service Offerings:

  • Planning, Design & Advisory Services
    • Planning approvals and site plan design for development projects including:
      • Planning Justification Reports
      • Traffic Impact Studies
      • Parking Studies
      • Landscape Plans
      • Developer-led Secondary/Tertiary Plans
      • Developer-led Municipal Class Environmental Assessments
  • Environmental Engineering
    • Environmental engineering and site compatibility studies to support development projects including:
      • Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments
      • Record of Site Conditions
      • Excess Soils support
      • Hydrogeology
      • Coastal Assessments
      • Air and Noise Assessments
  • Civil Engineering Design & Construction
    • Supporting development projects and construction administration/observation
      • Municipal Servicing
      • Site Development (storm, sanitary, water, road grading, electrical)
      • Stormwater Management Plans and Reports
      • Functional Servicing Studies/Reports
  • Natural Heritage Management
    • Natural environment studies to support development projects including:
      • Environmental Impact Studies
      • Master Environmental Servicing Plans
      • Subwatershed Studies
      • Arborist Reports (e.g., Tree Inventory and Preservation Plan)
      • Construction Monitoring
      • Species at Risk
      • Environmental Permitting support