Jane Allen

Jane is an experienced Board Director, Management Consultant, and former Utility Executive. She brings significant experience in corporate strategy and implementing large scale transformational change, as well as governance of complex organizations, through her work as a Partner at a major global consulting firm, where she was also a member of the Management Committee and Board.

Rory Baksh

Rory has nearly 24 years of experience in land use planning, strategic planning, and management consulting. His experience includes leadership over numerous community/regional plans and strategies, service delivery reviews, and institutional strengthening/capacity building for government agencies. In addition to his cross-Canada projects, he has worked internationally in Latvia and the Caribbean on Dillon projects.

Tanya Cross

Tanya has 26 years of private and public sector experience in transportation planning, design and construction. Her experience includes leading large multi-disciplinary design teams’ delivery of highway improvement contracts including highway expansion/rehabilitation, bridge replacement/rehabilitation, interchange reconfiguration/reconstruction and highway operational and safety improvements.

Sarah Devereaux

Sarah is a civil engineer with over 27 years of experience in environmental and municipal projects. Sarah has been recognized as one of Canada’s Most Powerful Women by the Women’s Executive Network, Engineers Canada Award for the Support of Women in Engineering, Engineers Nova Scotia Award for the Advancement of Women in Engineering, Consulting Engineers of Nova Scotia Distinguished Service Award and the Fellowship in Engineers Canada.

Brian Feuer

Brian Feuer has more than 34 years of experience in consulting engineering for primarily commercial, industrial and institutional facilities-based projects including design, contract administration and project management. As an electrical engineer and Partner, Brian’s technical consulting focus has been dedicated to assisting clients in the public and private sectors with delivering solutions to meet or exceed their expectations.

Shayne Giles

Shayne Giles is an experienced executive, and has been at Dillon for over 17 years. Prior to becoming Dillon’s President in 2020 his executive mandates included accountability for our technical staff, innovation, and Human Resources. He has led the firm successfully through the pandemic and a major cyber incident, and has been deeply involved in strategy development for Dillon over the last four years. 


Sean Hanlon

Sean was appointed as Dillon’s CEO in March 2020. This followed two years of leading Dillon through a change in management, during which he assumed the Interim President role at the request of the Board of Directors, in April 2018 and was appointed President in January 2019. Sean has over 29 years of consulting and industry experience with a technical focus on environmental management, risk management and contaminated sites portfolio management. 

Indra Kalinovich

Indra has over 15 years of experience in environmental assessments, remediation, and geosciences through consulting and academia. In addition to her technical roles, Indra has held a number of management positions at Dillon including Account Manager, Technical Group Strategist, and Operations Team Manager and has participated in various corporate initiatives. Her technical and management responsibilities have been delivered across Canada. 

Kimberly Marshall

Kimberly Marshall is an independent director with over 31 years of experience in regulated, private and public sectors. Kim brings extensive experience in financial reporting, financial planning, human resources, government relations, stakeholder engagement and risk management.

Jennifer Petruniak

Jen has extensive experience in the fields of natural resource management, project management and operations management. Throughout her career, Jen has worked on projects with interdisciplinary objectives and is skilled at identifying constraints and opportunities for the projects she works on, as well as practical solutions.

Karl Tanner

Karl has over 20 years of experience in land use planning, land development approvals, project management and project advisory services, in both urban and rural environments. Karl specializes in assisting our teams with developing strategies that are implementable and, where required, defensible with approval authorities and tribunals. His experience in planning approvals, project management and conflict resolution provides insight into developing policies that create value for the private sector and the community.

Larry Taylor

Larry is an experienced director having over 30 years of professional services and Board related experience. Larry has served as a Board member for several publicly traded and private companies including servicing as Board Chair and Chair of Board Committees including Audit & Risk, Compensation, Governance, Restructuring and Special Committee of the Board.