Dillon’s team of professionals include engineers, scientists, technologists, risk assessment specialists, and regulatory experts. We support public and private sector clients in addressing environmental stewardship, governance and societal needs. We work with our clients to address their contaminant liabilities and develop technical solutions which are protective of human health and the environment.  We specialize in not only soil, sediment and water impacts, but also in how contaminants can create indoor air quality concerns.

We have a long history of effective collaboration with regulators across Canada at both federal and provincial levels, and understand what it takes to successfully govern your environmental affairs when it comes to contaminated sites management. These positive and long-standing relationships are especially important when our clients are required to report to shareholders and stakeholders on their liability obligations.

We understand the pressures industry, government and regulators face when community concerns are raised and need to be addressed when managing contaminated sites.  The key is to strike the right balance amongst all parties such that human health and the environment can be protected through the implementation of tailored and practical solutions.

Our Service Offerings:

  • Monitoring & Compliance 
    • Routine soil and water monitoring for compliance with regulation, policy, and/or
    • Baseline studies to support policy compliance
    • Portfolio work / perpetual care work
    • Assessment of excess soils for reuse when sourced independently
  • Strategic Advisory Services
    • Brownfield redevelopment support
    • Environmental liability assessment for financial reporting
    • Phased Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) to support mergers/acquisitions and redevelopment activities, refinancing and insurance requirements
    • Legal support for cross-boundary contamination cases
  • Remediation & Reclamation
    • Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessments (HHERAs) and risk management plans and designs
    • Secondary spill response (assessment of spill response measures)
    • Planning, strategy and design of contaminated site remediation, restoration, revitalization reclamation and risk management
  • Support Services
    • Hazardous/designated materials assessment
    • Contaminated sites’ vulnerability to climate change assessments
    • Geophysics
    • Indoor air assessments related to contaminated sites’ soil vapour intrusion