Dan Bourassa

Daniel Bourassa

Associate / Office Manager
E: dbourassa@dillon.ca


Dan has over 13 years of experience as a terrestrial biologist specializing in natural environment related works for government, industry, real estate and resources sectors. His project work includes project management, agency consultation, permit acquisitions and implementing agency-approved natural environment field programs in support of Environmental Assessment (EA) processes.

In addition to project management, Daniel specializes in remote field data collection and serves as Dillon’s in-house bat expert and as a species at risk permitting and approvals specialist. He possesses an in-depth understanding of both federal and provincial legislative requirements with respect to species at risk and has successfully obtained various municipal, provincial and federal regulatory permits and approvals. Daniels is trained in Ecological Land Classification (ELC) as well as Forest Ecosystem Classification (FEC), and is experienced in ecologically classifying lands based on Forest Resources Inventory (FRI) data interpretation.