Urban Revitalization – Lawrence Heights, Toronto, ON

Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) retained Dillon as part of an interdisciplinary consulting team for the Lawrence Heights community plan to redevelop the area. Lawrence Heights was developed in the early 1960s and at the time was the largest public housing project in Canada. The two phase study investigated alternative redevelopment options for this social housing community.

Dillon developed a sustainable development framework for the revitalization project and sustainability guidelines as part of the secondary plan. We were responsible for site servicing, transportation and traffic and land development applications and processing which followed best practices for sustainable design (LEED and LEED New Development). The draft plan of subdivision contemplated the stop-up and closure of existing public streets, land convergences, temporary streets, demolition, phasing and for the further subdivision of development blocks.

Lawrence Heights plan view

Key issues examined during Phase 1 were:

  • Integration of the neighbourhood with adjacent communities
  • Interaction with the Allen Road Expressway and the two subway stations bordering the neighbourhood
  • Placement and location of park space and community facilities
  • Incorporation of market housing with social housing
  • A sustainability plan
  • Provision for a transportation network with a focus on transit and active transportation modes.
Lawrence Heights rendering of new social housing

Key issues examined and deliverables produced to satisfy the City of Toronto planning process during Phase 2 were:

  • Zoning amendments
  • Plan of subdivision
  • Functional servicing report
  • Stormwater management report
  • Traffic impact report
  • Off-site and downstream sanitary sewer analysis
  • Probable cost estimating of proposed municipal infrastructure.

Project Details

Project Partner: Toronto Community Housing Corporation
Business Unit: Land Development
Service Offering: Civil Engineering Design & Construction