The City of Brantford retained Dillon to develop a Fire Master Plan (FMP)  and Community Risk Assessment (CRA). The FMP involved a comprehensive review of fire suppression and non-fire suppression activities within the Brantford Fire Department. The analysis provided within the FMP analyzed the current programs and services provided by the Brantford Fire Department and identified opportunities in applying the first “two lines of defense” including application of public fire and life safety education and fire safety standards and fire code enforcement.

Recommendations were presented within this FMP to seek Council’s support to further optimize these programs and services that were identified as a strategic priority. Specifically, this strategy was intended to further target optimizing the current fire inspection program in high risk, and high-rise building occupancies, and provide dedicated staff resources to further develop and implement the department’s public education program.

As part of the CRA process, data was collected and analyzed to identify risks from the perspective of each of the nine profiles outlined in the Ontario Regulation 378/18: Community Risk Assessments. Key findings and risks were quantified through a risk assessment process, after which, outcomes were used to directly inform the recommendations made across divisions.

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