Brampton Transit has been successful in responding to growth and changing travel behaviours in one of Canada’s fastest growing municipalities. The introduction of more grid-based services, success of the Züm BRT service network, emphasis on marketing and customer service, implementation of new technology and fare integration strategies, have all led to ridership growth.

Dillon developed a business plan for Brampton Transit that enables them to reflect on what has been accomplished and ensure that they are staying on track with ridership growth and service provision goals. The purpose of the plan is to help manage Brampton Transit’s growth through a comprehensive strategy that fits all the individual pieces together and ensures a financially sustainable growth moving forward.  

Our services included:

  • Service implementation and ridership growth plan
  • Asset management plan
  • Financial plan and ridership forecast
  • An update of the service standards document
  • Marketing and customer service strategy.

A detailed review of the Züm BRT network formed a critical component of the strategy. With five new corridors that will be implemented during the life of the plan, there was an opportunity to confirm or modify proposed changes to service strategies, identify service and new ridership growth opportunities, set priorities where required and flag potential issues that may impact the full realization of the service plan.

A detailed financial model was developed, including operating and capital costs, in support of the recommended business plan. The plan was developed to support human, physical and system resources required for the successful implementation of the proposed service improvements. 

Project Details

Project Partner: City of Brampton

Project Photos

  • Zum Phase 1 & 2
  • Brampton Transit Züm Support Service