Andrews, Lori (1)

Lori Andrews

B.Eng., P.Eng.


Lori is a waste management engineer and project manager with over 20 years of environmental and engineering experience in waste reduction, recycling, policy, planning and more recently circular economy related projects across Canada. She is a Dillon senior team member of solid waste management master plans, strategies, reviews, and feasibility studies for the public and private sectors. She has more recently pivoted to circular economy and waste prevention related projects and extended producer responsibility initiatives and planning. She is experienced in planning and designing components of integrated waste management systems, evaluating and analyzing sustainability and economic impacts of resource recovery, waste reduction, diversion programs and constructing data models for waste management analysis and forecasting, particularly the measurement and analysis of the flow of materials through waste systems. She is experienced in project management, research and verification of waste data models and costs, management and reporting of metrics and key performance indicator (KPI) analysis of resource recovery programs and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) policy programs.


Marine Sector Assessment of Ship-Sourced Plastic Waste

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Solid Waste Management Master Plan: Individual Producer Responsibility Tool - Guelph, ON

Across Canada, many provinces have already or are planning on transitioning the responsibility of the blue box programs from municipalities to producers through a policy approach called Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) or Individual Producer Responsibility (IPR) (depending on which province you are in). Read More