Featured Project - Transit Windsor Service Review

Dillon was retained by the City of Windsor in the spring of 2018 to assist with a Comprehensive Review of Transit Windsor and the development of a Transit Master Plan.  The primary objective of the project was to position Transit Windsor to meet the opportunities and challenges of the coming years, and successfully serve the community with an effective and efficient transit system that exceeds customer expectations.

A complete rethink of the Transit Windsor route network was undertaken to address the current challenges of long transit travel times between key destinations in the community and limited service during many time periods.  In addition to the new route network, the Transit Master Plan included recommendations for bus stops and terminals and related infrastructure, a transit priority program, fleet requirements and the resulting garage implications, and an implementation and financial plan. Engagement activities were promoted through a special project brand, “More Than Transit”, and supported by social media blasts, shelter ads, on-bus ads, and signage at key transit terminals. Windsor City Council unanimously approved the new Transit Master Plan on January 20, 2020.

For a full project description, please see the Transit Windsor Service Review Project Page

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