Dillon at 42nd AMOP Technical Seminar

Dillon participated in the 42nd Arctic and Marine Oilspill Program (AMOP) Technical Seminar on environmental contamination and response held in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on June 4-6, 2019. The technical seminar is an international forum on preventing, assessing, containing and cleaning up spills of hazardous materials in every type of environment.  It is an annual event organized by the Emergencies Science and Technology Section of Environment and Climate Change Canada.   

Dave Creber and and Laura Eldridge presented the paper "Review of International Ship-source Hazardous and Noxious Substances Risk Assessments" which summarizes a literature review of international hazardous and noxious substances' spills from vessels.

Dave Poole and Dave Creber are co-authors of the paper "Oil Spill Modelling as part of the Regional Risk Assessment of Ship-source Oil Spill in the Northern Shelf Bio-region of British Columbia".  The paper was presented by Tetra Tech and summarizes some of the oil spill fate and trajectory modelling that was completed for the Transport Canada led Northern BC Regional Risk Assessment.