PEO's Solid Waste Management Guideline Published

Professional Engineers Ontario recently published a Solid Waste Management Guideline. The document provides assistance “for those providing or retaining engineering services related to the planning, design, construction, commissioning, operation, monitoring, or closure of solid waste management systems.”  Heather Swan and Betsy Varghese contributed to the guideline along with a number of other engineers including some Dillon clients.

The document is a much needed update to the 1993 guideline, as much of the legislation and approaches have changed. A new provision for solid waste services as a multi-disciplinary that involves a broad cross-section of engineering disciplines and non-engineering  disciplines such as natural and social sciences, legal counsel, public, stakeholder  and Indigenous community/group consultation/engagement was included. Integrated teams are crucial to the successful implementation of any solid waste management project.

Guideline-Solid Waste Management Cover