City of Toronto retains Dillon to engage on Unilever Precinct

Dillon is pleased to have been retained by the City of Toronto to assist them in engaging the public about plans for the redevelopment of the lands near the former Unilever plant in downtown Toronto. Dillon will deliver a public engagement strategy to obtain input on the City’s Unilever Precinct Plan, the associated East Harbour development application by First Gulf and the planned East Harbour SmartTrack station.

The former Unilever manufacturing facility is located on a 60-acre site directly east of Toronto’s downtown core, making East Harbour the largest commercial project currently planned in Canada.  A transformative vision for the Unilever Precinct planning area would see a major office-focused employment and transit node, supported by retail, restaurants, cultural spaces, entertainment, community facilities, plazas and parks.

Unilever study area