City of Mississauga Retains Dillon to Develop a Climate Change Action Plan

The City of Mississauga has retained Dillon to develop a climate change action plan. The City is taking a proactive role to lead the charge locally for a corporate and community-based action plan to 2030, with a long term outlook to 2050. The plan will focus on climate change mitigation through reducing greenhouse gas emissions and positioning the City competitively in transitioning to a low carbon economy and climate change adaptation through increasing City resilience and capacity to deal with and respond to social, infrastructure and environmental effects of future climate events. 

The plan will be developed through integration of internal and external consultation with technical analysis of climate change areas and will include:

  • A set of priorities for the City in the fight against climate change
  • Raising public interest in, awareness and understanding of, and influence over climate change action in the city
  • Stakeholder engagement and local community involvement in developing the plan
  • Target setting and timelines and details on how the plan will be implemented with budget requirements
  • Identifying and defining potential partnerships between all stakeholders.
Climate Change