Dillon Presents a TRB/ACRP Webinar on Extinguishing Fires at Airports

Andrew Thalheimer and Indra Kalinovich will present a Transportation Research Board (TRB) webinar, on September 12, 2017 that features research from the Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP)’s Report 173. The research involved surveying 167 civilian North American airports, literature review and consultation with industry experts.

Aqueous film-forming foams (AFFF) have been used by the aviation industry for decades for training and for extinguishing fires at airports. The webinar examines best practices for managing potential health and environmental impacts of AFFFs. Addressing legacy environmental impacts and a screening tool developed to help airport representatives identify and manage areas of potential environmental concerns will also be explored during the presentation. 

Andrew is an environmental engineer with over 29 years of experience in contaminated site assessment and remediation. As Dillon’s national remediation and risk control service area lead and leader of Dillon’s emerging contaminant program, he has been advancing the state of the practice in Poly- and Perfluoroalykl Substances (PFASs) assessment and risk management. He served as the principal investigator for the ACRP research and has been actively raising the awareness of the state of PFASs science within the airport and regulatory communities, as well as the environmental industry. 

Indra is a hydrogeochemist and environmental engineer specializing in environmental site assessments, site remediation and environmental fate and transport modelling. She has specialized training in hydrogeology and guest-lectures in contaminant hydrology. She remains active in environmental engineering research, authoring and reviewing articles for academic journals on contaminant hydrology, remediation and water resource management. In addition to her role at Dillon, Indra is an adjunct professor with the civil engineering department at the University of Manitoba. 

Firefighting training area extinguished