Brownfield Renewal Strategy Phase II Environmental Site Assessments – Saskatoon, SK

Dillon’s team of experts were retained to assist the City of Saskatoon’s Corridor Growth Program in creating a Brownfield Renewal Strategy for the purposes of facilitating transit-oriented development along major corridors. It will ensure the transit corridors, including both the public and private realms, are environmentally safe.

The City of Saskatoon retained Dillon to conduct limited Phase Two Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) to evaluate potential contamination concerns at six future redevelopment and transit station sites. These investigations were completed as part of the City’s Corridor Growth Program Brownfields Renewal Strategy. The limited Phase Two ESAs were conducted in accordance with the guidance provided by the Site Assessment Chapter of the Saskatchewan Environmental Code as well as the CSA Phase Two ESA standard Z769-00. This included conducting utility locates, advancing boreholes to assess the extent of contamination at each location, groundwater monitoring well installation, and environmental monitoring.

Project Details

Project Partner: City of Saskatoon
Business Unit: Contaminated Sites Management
Service Offering: Remediation, Revitalization, and Reclamation