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2023 Dillon Consulting Limited SWANA Scholarship

Once again, we’re proud to announce the Dillon Consulting Limited SWANA Scholarship! This $5000 scholarship is to assist and encourage full time students at a Canadian university, working towards an undergraduate or post-graduate degree, to a future career in solid waste, recycling or sustainable resource management.

To be eligible to apply for the Dillon Consulting Limited Scholarship a student must:

  • Be a full-time student enrolled in a full course of studies (a four year undergraduate or a post-graduate program) leading to an undergraduate or post-graduate degree at a recognized post-secondary education institution in Canada, and
  • Be enrolled in environmental science, engineering, resource management, public policy or other program which could reasonably lead to a career in solid waste management.

The recipient of the scholarship will be determined by a panel of SWANA members representing the five Canadian chapters and a representative of Dillon. Selection will be based on academic achievement, relevance of program and activities to solid waste management and a written submission described in the application form.

Applications are open until May 1, 2023. Download the application form HERE, and send it to the SWANA chapter where your University is located, or where your SWANA membership resides using the contact information below:

Location: SWANA Chapter:  Send Application to: 
NB, NL, NS, PEAtlantic Canada
AB, MB, NT, SK, NU   Northern Lights Chapter
BC, YTPacific