Brent Loney

Environmental Specialist - Ottawa

Brent has practiced as an environmental consultant for more than 30 years, specializing in risk-based management of contaminated sites (including brownfields and landfill sites).


Graeme Loeppky

Technical Lead, Engineering (Transportation & Facilities) - Winnipeg

Graeme has over 19 years of experience in transportation infrastructure engineering. He has experience with bridge, roadway and railway construction projects including specifications, project management and contract administration.


Tristan Lefler

Environmental Planner - Kitchener

Tristan is an environmental planner whose career has focused on project management and delivery of permitting, planning and monitoring programs for pipeline projects.


Mike Lau

Structural Engineer - Winnipeg

Mike has over 39 years of experience in structural engineering. He has been involved in the design and rehabilitation of more than 150 bridges in Canada.