Brent Loney

Environmental Specialist - Ottawa


Brent has practiced as an environmental consultant for more than 30 years, specializing in risk-based management of contaminated sites (including brownfields and landfill sites).  He has conducted or been involved in investigations at hundreds of sites all across Canada on behalf of numerous government sector and private clients.  This has included large brownfield redevelopment projects such as Waterfront Toronto’s East Bayfront redevelopment, the Park City Commons project in Winnipeg, and the City of Hamilton’s redevelopment of Piers 6, 7 and 8.

He has completed environmental site assessments and/or risk assessments at hundreds of sites, including former and active industrial sites, commercial, and residential properties, dealing with contaminants ranging from PHC constituents, metals, chlorinated solvents, PAHs, and pesticides.  Remediation experience has included excavation/disposal, bioventing, product recovery, multi-phase extraction, and groundwater pump-and-treat (GAC, air stripping).  His experience also includes contaminant fate and transport modeling related to vapour intrusion, atmospheric emissions, and subsurface contaminant transport, as well as more general aquifer characterization and groundwater flow modeling.

He has acted as expert support in matters of litigation involving contaminated site remediation activities, as well as for property acquisitions for contaminant attenuation zones.  Brent has participated in environmental impact assessments and planning studies related to environmentally significant projects or development options, and has played a key role in public communication on several projects.