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Dillon, MARIN and Transport Canada Honoured with Canadian Consulting Engineering Award

Dillon, MARIN and Transport Canada were honoured with an 2018 Canadian Consulting Engineering Award of Excellence in the Special Projects category for the development of the Area Risk Assessment Methodology of Ship-Source Oil Spills in Canadian Waters.

Dillon led the development of an Area Risk Assessment Methodology that determines the probable locations and volumes of ship-source oil spills, where the spills would travel and what is likely impacted by an oil spill. The methodologies output identifies the most likely locations of an oil spill in a given area, and what the most vulnerable environmental and socio-economic locations to a spill area. The methodology allows Transport Canada to plan spill prevention and mitigate a spill if one did occur. This two year project was the first of its kind in Canada to examine the potential risks of a ship-source oil spill in a particular geographical area.