Shayne Giles

President - Toronto - North York


Shayne Giles is an experienced executive, and has been at Dillon for over 17 years. Prior to becoming Dillon’s President in 2020 his executive mandates included accountability for our technical staff, innovation, and Human Resources. He has led the firm successfully through the pandemic and a major cyber incident, and has been deeply involved in strategy development for Dillon over the last four years. Prior to becoming an executive, Shayne was very successful in the business as a consultant. He specialized in complex multidisciplinary projects requiring innovative solutions. He has an M.A.Sc in Civil Engineering and a B.A.Sc in Geological Engineering from the University of Waterloo. Shayne is passionate about the potential opportunities for AI use in professional services firms, and has been a champion and sponsor of our culture assessment, updated values, revised mission and vision, leadership profile, and Dillon’s overall shift to a growth mindset.