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2024 International Women in Engineering Day

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June 23 is International Women in Engineering Day! Today, and every day, we celebrate our women engineers and engineers-in-training who work across the country. We recognize all of these amazing women whose expertise expands possibilities, challenges the status quo, and provides inspiration to others.

We interviewed a few of our women Engineers and found out what they had to say about their career choice and what “Women in Engineering Day” means to them.

International Women in Engineering Day for me is a celebration of women innovators. It is about fostering outside-the-box thinking and engineering solutions to the world’s complex problems. It serves as a constant reminder and motivator to engage more women in this field. I am eternally grateful to the brave women engineers who paved the way for me, allowing me to make my dreams become reality.

Heidi Hassan

International Women in Engineering Day is special to me as it reflects my lifelong passion for engineering, inspired by my analytical nature and love of Star Trek. Growing up, engineers were always my favorite characters on TV, in books, and in movies. With a family legacy of engineers, it was a natural path for me to follow and I love the problem-solving and creative aspects. I’m grateful for my engineering career and working on multidisciplinary projects enables me to collaborate across many different fields. This day celebrates the vital contributions of women in engineering and the importance of diversity in our profession.

Lee Weiss Vassor

International Women in Engineering Day is a day where the achievements and contributions of women are recognized in a historically male-dominated field. To me, it’s about empowering all women in STEM and celebrating our impact on technology and the industry. Most importantly, it’s about showcasing the limitless possibilities within engineering to inspire young girls to pursue careers in a supportive and inclusive engineering community.

Giselle Hage

International Women in Engineering Day is a moment to celebrate achievements, reflect on the journey, and inspire the future successes of women in engineering. It’s about breaking barriers, fostering inclusivity, and showcasing the diverse talents and perspectives women bring to engineering. It’s a day to commend the collective impact that women have had and the ongoing need for representation and support from all genders for women in this vital profession.

Lindsay Antle