York Region Visualizing Urban Density – York Region, ON

In 2020 Dillon Consulting completed the Major Transit Station Areas (MTSA) Study through 3D and immersive modelling for York Region. This is an emerging tool to review site plan applications and to develop a “living” model, which captures the growth in development within the Region.

 York Region is currently conducting a Municipal Comprehensive Review to better understand implications of increased density and intensification targets, as detailed in the Growth Plan 2017. There is a need for developing visualizations and alternative targets for evaluation through the Municipal Comprehensive Review Process.

Visualizations are also useful tools to help convey to council, residents and stakeholder what Growth Plan density and intensification targets mean and how the community will look as a result. Visualizations created with Esri CityEngine software will use procedural modeling technology that can vary the design of buildings to create a realistic urban environment, while ensuring accuracy and conformity to existing municipal zoning standards.

The focus of the York Region Visualizing assignment is to use Esri CityEngine software to develop MTSA density scenarios New Community Areas density scenarios, all with alternative targets. These scenarios should be presented in a format that can be used as a communication tool to engage growth management discussions. The assignment also has a staff training component where Dillon’s project team trained York Region staff to engage in this software so that they may use it in the future to assess development planning, site plan applications and communicate to different community builders.

Project Details

Project Partner: Regional Municipality of York (York Region)
Business Unit: Community Strategies
Service Offering: Community Planning