Trail Waste Facility – Ottawa, ON

Dillon has been assisting the City of Ottawa in the management and operation of the Trail Waste Facility for over 25 years. The landfill serves the Ottawa area and is the city’s primary means of disposal for residential solid waste. We have assisted the City in numerous engineering studies and designs supporting the operation of the facility and closure of the former Nepean Landfill. 

Since 2003, Dillon has completed the annual monitoring and operating program at the facility. The program represents the primary means of monitoring and documenting actual or potential environmental effects due to the operation of the landfill and verifying compliance with the site’s regulatory approvals and permits.  Dillon also completed this work on behalf of the former Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton in the early 1990s.

Aerial view of the Trail Waste Facility
Technical map of the Trail Waste Facility
Trail Waste Facility
Monitoring of the Trail Waste Facility

Dillon completed optimization and expansion studies at the Trail Road Landfill and led the Environmental Assessment (EA) that ultimately allowed expansion of the facility in 2005. The optimization involved a vertical expansion over the previously existing landfill cells and the future development of a new engineered cell on adjacent lands. Our project team completed or managed the completion of all the studies required to support the EA including:

  • Assessing the planning context
  • Landfill development/operations
  • Traffic
  • Hydrogeology/hydrology
  • Natural environment
  • Development of mitigation and contingency measures
  • Assistance to the City in acquiring the necessary regulatory approvals for operation of the expanded landfill.

Most recently we worked on the development of effluent limits for a proposed on-site leachate treatment plant that will ultimately discharge to the Jock River (thus requiring a high level of treatment to avoid impacting this sensitive receiver).

This multidisciplinary program engages Dillon staff from various disciplines including hydrogeologists, environmental scientists and engineers and air quality specialists.

Project Details

Project Partner: City of Ottawa
Business Unit: Waste Management
Service Offering: Waste Disposal Facility Design and Operations