School Breakfast Program Toolkit – Food First Foundation, NT

Food First is a registered charity in Yellowknife whose mission is to support food and nutrition education programs in schools with the goal of encouraging a healthy population of children and youth for future generations.

children in a classroom holding up apples while on a nutrition break

Food First requested Dillon’s help in developing an NWT-specific toolkit for its school partners to assist in delivering in-school breakfast programs. The toolkit was designed to help school breakfast program coordinators with meal preparation, food safety, nutrition, and incorporating local and country foods where feasible. 

Dillon worked with Food First Foundation to provide support with: 

  • Reviewing existing information and literature relating to the toolkit 
  • Designing engagement tools to gather feedback from people currently working with breakfast programs
  • Summarizing and analyzing information from the engagement to inform the design of the toolkit
  • Creating, revising, finalizing, and circulating the toolkit.