Recyclable Materials Processing Alternatives Review – Winnipeg, MB

With an existing services contract nearing expiry, the City of Winnipeg retained Dillon to identify options to process materials collected by their curbside single-stream recycling program. Following the development of a 20-year material quantity and quality projection, a number of alternatives were evaluated, including establishment of a transfer system with export outside the region and the development of a new 100,000 tpy facility within the City.

A scenario evaluation methodology was developed in collaboration with the City. Each option was scored based on estimated annualized cost, implementation timeline, processing reliability, degree of City control/oversight, initial capital cost and environmental impacts. The assessment also included a qualitative “SWOT” analysis founded on the City’s objective of providing a reliable, environmentally responsible and cost-effective single-stream recyclables processing service.

Project Details

Project Partner: City of Winnipeg
Business Unit: Waste Management
Service Offering: Advisory Services