Dillon's Waste Management team worked with the Municipality of Sanikiluaq in Nunavut on a study to identify three potential waste facility sites, and determine which would be most appropriate for the development of a new Solid Waste Management (SWM) facility.

The municipality's solid waste management practices are out of date and did not align with the best practices described in the Solid Waste Management Guidance Document. Waste has historically been disposed at a site with no liner or leachate management system to manage impacts to groundwater or surface water. The current site is unmanaged, and poses a potential health hazard to the residents, as well as public works staff who use the site. Recommendations were provided to support long-term improvements to solid waste management practices in the community, as well as recommendations for interim upgrades to the current site to improve the safety of the site while a new waste disposal facility is under development.

This project was one of six completed by Dillon across Nunavut, and is a significant step in improving solid waste practices at the community level.

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