Dillon was retained by the Municipality of Chatham-Kent to design a sanitary sewage pumping station (PS) and forcemain to direct wastewater within the municipal right-of-way (ROW) from the Community of Thamesville to the Ridgetown Wastewater Treatment Plant in Ridgetown.

The proposed PS at the Thamesville Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP) site located on the east side of Victoria Road (formerly Highway 21), north of the Thames River, included: an upstream chamber with a grinder, two submersible pumps (one duty, one standby) in a precast concrete wet well chamber and a separate metering precast concrete chamber; as well as an an outdoor diesel generator in a sound attenuated enclosure and all pump controls housed in a free standing NEMA 4x stainless steel enclosure adjacent to the generator.

Upgrades were completed at the Sherman Pumping Station in Thamesville. The upgrades allowed the pump station to send sanitary flows to the new Pump Station more efficiently and provide backup power.

Once the new system was operational the existing Thamesville WPCP was decommissioned. The work involved the removal of below grade concrete structures, storage tanks and operation buildings. The site was restored and included provisions for a tree planting area for the local Conservation Authority.

Project Details

Project Partner: Municipality of Chatham-Kent

Project Photos

  • workers looking at pump chamber
  • Man digging with shovel and backhoe behind him
  • Worker alongside Backhoe
  • Workers in PPE with pump