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The City of London had a vision to transform Dundas Street in downtown London, ON, into Dundas Place, a key public space and cultural hub that will encourage residential intensification in the core, showcase the built heritage of the area and shape downtown London for decades to come. The City of London is faced with the challenge of accommodating significant growth in high density development that is anticipated adjacent to Dundas Place, while protecting the street’s rich history, character and heritage.

Being retained as the prime consultant, Dillon partnered with Gehl in the Class Environmental Assessment (EA) to provide the urban design, landscape architecture, placemaking, EA planning, consultation, and engineering expertise to turn Dundas Street into a flexible environment that is shared by pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. With the potential as a prime destination for residents and visitors, we recognized the transformative social and economic opportunities that this redevelopment of Dundas Street could provide for the municipality. In conjunction with concurrent downtown regeneration projects, the Dundas Place plan integrates active transportation, rapid transit and urban renewal into a shared public place.

Dillon’s city-building experience was essential to achieve the long-term goals of social inclusion and economic prosperity for London by creating a public space central to the city and made accessible to its growing and vibrant community. Dillon has subsequently been retained as prime consultant on the detailed design and implementation of this visionary and transformative plan.

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