PowerBI Implementation – NB

Dillon was retained by the New Brunswick Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (NBDTI) to provide PowerBI implementation consulting services. Our team helped NBDTI in harnessing the full capabilities of PowerBI to drive insightful business decisions through informative visuals and analytics.

Our team formulated a clear strategy and developed standards to ensure accurate, consistent, and reliable data representation across the organization. We analyzed existing data architectures, recommended optimal data structures, and assisted in migrating and transforming data securely and efficiently to PowerBI environments. This involved the creation of user-friendly models and employing best practices to ensure that data is accurate, up-to-date, and meaningful. Our services extended to include user training and support, empowering users to manipulate reports and dashboards effectively, and make data-driven decisions promptly.

Our team developed automated reporting solutions and customized dashboards focused on the client’s business needs, fostering an environment of data-driven culture and facilitating rapid and informed decision-making processes. Leveraging PowerBI’s advanced features, we created interactive and real-time dashboards, allowing users to delve deep into analytics, explore trends, and identify patterns, thus providing a comprehensive view of organizational performance. By automating report generation, we assisted various user groups in reducing manual efforts and errors, ensuring that stakeholders receive timely and precise insights. These solutions provided business value by enhancing overall organizational productivity and efficacy.

Ultimately, we developed applications for eight branches and one executive leader application that pulled summary content from each of these, providing a one-stop location for them to drill down into any key performance indicators and available data to the organization. Data was pulled from many different sources (Oracle, GIS, Excel) and over 100 different datasets were modeled and analyzed in PowerBI. Completed applications included:

  • Striping Progress: Live tracking the amount of paint used, and roads completed.
  • Winter Maintenance: Tracking the status of various equipment and the availability/financials of salt and sand usage.
  • Emergency Management Flood Recovery: A system to input data and combine historic data previously in 52 separate spreadsheets into one consolidated system that can be queried for any piece of data.
  • Summer Maintenance: A system to manage all maintenance work across the province, tracking project completion, and financial status. The PowerBI system incorporates progress from a Survey123 application and financials from a separate Oracle system.

Dillon continues to provide technical advice, application support and development to NBDTI supporting leadership in monitoring the key performance indicators of their organization.

Project Details

Project Partner: Province of New Brunswick
Business Unit: Transportation
Service Offering: Supporting Infrastructure