Port of Argentia Electrification Study – NL

Dillon was retained by the Port of Argentia (POA) to conduct a feasibility study to electrify the port operations. POA has declared their intention to become a green port and support Canada’s net zero targets for emission reduction.

The primary objectives of this study were to develop strategies the POA can follow to cost-effectively reduce its emissions (primarily through electrification) and enable emission reductions of key stakeholders that make use of POA’s facilities. The feasibility report will help the POA plan for capital and operational expenditures and conceptual engineering design to enhance current operations and planned developments at Cooper Cove as an environmentally sustainable port. The POA is currently undergoing a significant expansion, expected to double vessel traffic and container handling at the port by 2052.

The study considered multiple options for transitioning operations to alternative fuels, including the electrifying the fleet and equipment, providing shore power to visiting vessels and considering renewable power generation on site. The study provided recommendations for short-, mid- and long-term actions to reduce reliance on fossil fuels for port operations.

Project Details

Project Partner: Port of Argentia
Business Unit: Energy Transition
Service Offering: Energy Transition Pathway Planning