Joshua’s Creek Erosion Mitigation – Oakville, ON

Dillon was retained by Ford Motor Company to address bank erosion along Joshua’s Creek, which runs along the north end of the Ford Oakville Assembly Complex. The bank erosion had advanced far enough to undercut a perimeter security fence and also posed a potential risk to breach a stormwater pond. Ford and Dillon worked together to design a stone revetment to mitigate the erosion and stabilize the creek bank. The project also included a natural environment assessment, coordination with environmental regulators, a fish salvage during construction, and restoration of the tablelands above the creek. The work also required a comprehensive crossing agreement with Enbridge, due to the presence of a high pressure oil pipeline underneath the project area.

Project outcomes:

  • Improved downstream water quality
  • Reduced turbidity and suspended sediment
  • Provides enhanced fish spawning and aquatic habitat opportunities
  • Enhanced condition of tablelands with restoration plantings and seeding
  • Worked collaboratively with local regulators and government agencies

Project Details

Project Partner: Ford Motor Company
Business Unit: Environmental Management
Service Offering: Due Diligence