Design & Construction Administration for Daly Overpass Grade Separation Facilities – Brandon, MB

The Daly Overpass Project is a $65 million dollar major, multidisciplinary initiative in bridge and roadway construction on Provincial Trunk Highway (PTH) 10 in Brandon, Manitoba. This landmark project, embodying a blend of ambitious engineering and urban planning, is set to transform the region’s transportation infrastructure.

The project encompasses more than just bridge and roadway construction; it also involves the establishment of an inclusive multi-use pathway system, comprehensive underground utility and drainage networks, the installation of traffic signals, the construction of retaining wall systems, and the incorporation of landscape architecture among others. All of this while ensuring the ongoing operation and functionality of the existing facilities during the construction phase.

The Need for Reconstruction

A pressing need for comprehensive reconstruction of the old overpass was identified. The bridge was over 60 years old and created a bottleneck in Brandon’s transportation system, unable to support four lanes of traffic. This limitation has led to significant traffic management challenges in the area, particularly as Brandon’s growth and development continue to escalate.

Preliminary design evaluations revealed that further rehabilitation efforts would not be cost-effective. Consequently, the decision to replace the existing structure was made, considering the strategic importance of this corridor in the region’s transportation network and the necessity to meet contemporary traffic demands.

Project Scope

The Daly Overpass Project included the following key components:

  • Construction of 2-span steel girder bridges over Pacific Avenue and CP Railway.
  • Construction of single span concrete box girder bridges over McDonald Avenue.
  • New 2-span steel truss pedestrian bridge over Pacific Avenue and CP Railway.
  • Steel Bin, Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) and Cast in Place (CIP) retaining wall systems.
  • 2 kilometers of roadway reconstruction with major grading, base course, concrete construction and bituminous paving.
  • 500 meters of multi-use Active Transportation (AT) pathway.
  • Over 2 kilometers of underground work including land drainage systems, watermain and domestic sewer installations.
  • Reconfiguration of private lots including building demolition.
  • Installation of landscaping elements, including trees, groundcovers, and sodded areas.
  • Additional site furnishings such as benches, bike racks, and waste receptacles.
  • New traffic signal installations at 2-significant intersections.
  • New roadway illumination installations.
  • Roadside safety installations including guardrail and anti-climb screening on elevated structures.
  • Electrical installations including underbridge lighting, ornamental lighting on pathways, distribution panels and service terminals.

The new Daly Overpass, significantly improves the functionality of this critical corridor. In addition to improved performance, it provides a safer and more comfortable experience for all facility users. The aesthetic features included during design significantly uplifts the cityscape in the area. Additional design features, such as wheat-themed concrete barriers, ornamental trees, and sods, not only pay homage Brandon’s agricultural heritage but also contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing the carbon footprint. The elimination of the bottleneck eases traffic flow, reducing driver frustration and collision risks.

The project’s careful planning minimized the impact on local businesses and residents, earning positive community feedback. Additional roadside safety elements, absent from the old structure, were also incorporated into the design. These include roadside barriers, additional delineation and equipping all elevated structures with anticlimb protective screening that stills flows nicely with the overall project aesthetic while protecting the public.

“MTI is pleased with the outcomes of the Daly Overpass Project on PTH 10 which includes new bridges over CP Rail, Pacific Avenue, Stickney Avenue, and a new separated pedestrian overpass. The project replaces the historical bottleneck in Brandon by providing two lanes in each of the north and southbound directions, creating improved traffic flow for Manitobans in the City of Brandon and across the region.”

John Logan

Executive Director of Water Engineering and Operations, Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure

The Daly Overpass project stands out for its comprehensive approach, harmonizing social, economic, and environmental considerations. It enhances traffic safety and flow, supports Brandon’s growing population, and embodies a state-of-the-art design that thoughtfully integrates into the city’s fabric, underscoring its overall benefit to society.


  • Association of Consulting Engineering Companies Manitoba, Keystone Award, 2024
  • Association of Consulting Engineering Companies Manitoba, Award of Excellence (Transportation), 2024

Project Details

Project Partner: Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure
Business Unit: Transportation
Service Offering: Bridges/Culverts