Contract Administration and Construction Inspection of Bridge over Edwards Creek on PTH 20 – MB

Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure (MTI) engaged Dillon to provide Contract Administration and Construction Inspection services during construction of a new bridge and approach roadworks crossing Edwards Creek on PTH 20, east of Dauphin, Manitoba.

The existing bridge was constructed in 1950, had exceeded its original design service life, was in poor condition, and required replacement in order to provide a predictable level of service. PTH 20 is part of the Strategic Highway System and conveys approximately 2,400 vehicles per day and connects Dauphin to communities on Dauphin Lake.

The work included a new structure and new roadway adjacent to the existing alignment with a 69.4 m long bridge, 10.4 m wide, which included a three-span with continuous girders, founded on steel H-piles and steel pipe piles with cast-in-place concrete abutments and a cast in place concrete bridge deck with a waterproofing system and an asphalt overlay. The new bridge was constructed on the same alignment as the existing structure and consisted of approximately 1.0 km of new approach roadworks.

Edwards Creek

For this project Dillon provided:

  • Project Management, including attending meetings with Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure, preparing meeting notes and monitoring overall control including submission of Earned Value Reports;
  • Qualified Contract Administrators, Resident Engineer-in-Training, Construction Inspectors, and completed Contract Administration and Construction Inspection of the new bridge over Edwards Creek. For the bridge works, the Contractor completed the Quality Control role and Dillon completed the Quality Assurance role;
  • Senior Engineering review of project Request for Information’s (RFI’s), Submittals, Non-Conformance Reports (NCRs), Site Instructions (SINs), Items of Extra Work, construction issues (both general bridge and roadworks construction) and project documentation as applicable;
  • Appropriate and necessary safety training required during construction; and
  • Monitoring of Contractor’s detailed construction schedules and identified probable delays to the contract completion.

Project Details

Project Partner: Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure
Business Unit: Transportation
Service Offering: Bridges/Culverts