Climate Change Action Plan – Mississauga, ON

The City of Mississauga had retained Dillon to develop a Climate Change Action Plan. The goals of the CCAP were to develop a set of priorities for the city of Mississauga in the fight against climate change, raise public interest in, awareness and understanding of, and influence over climate change action in the city, and to engage stakeholders and the local community in providing input for the development of the Plan, to create a Plan that sets targets and timelines and how the Plan will be implemented including budget requirements and, identify and define potential partnerships between stakeholders (including the City) for actions in the Plan.

The plan includes the completion of:

  • Parks Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment;
  • Community Climate Change Risk Assessment;
  • Fleet GHG Reduction Study;
  • Cleantech Sector Assessment; and
  • Energy Mapping Study.

Project Details

Project Partner: City of Mississauga
Business Unit: Community Strategies
Service Offering: Community Planning