Heather Stuart

Environmental Engineer - Kitchener


Heather is an environmental scientist with over 20 years of experience. Focusing on the market areas of Project Approvals, Due Diligence, Market Disruption and Environmental Footprint, Heather leads teams through development and provides regulatory and cutting edge services for their public and private sector clients. Her project experience includes roles like project manager, client manager, technical lead, and site supervisor. Over the past 20 years, she’s led hundreds of projects from small site investigations to an award-winning, multimillion dollar benzene remediation/control endeavour. More specifically, her experience includes management of soil and groundwater contaminant evaluation and remediation, as well as formal Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments and Records of Site Condition. Heather has also been involved with industrial site decommissioning projects, designated substance survey coordination, environmental reviews, and demolition coordination for former natural gas stations and a dairy manufacturer. Her client experience includes energy, oil and gas, real estate, resources, government, and industry sectors. Heather’s distinguished specialty is managing large portfolios of work for her oil and gas clients. As an example, for over a decade Heather has partnered with a confidential oil and gas client to help them manage their portfolio of hundreds of mercury-impacted sites across Ontario. Ranging in size from small town border stations to multiple-acre compressor stations, Heather has helped them modify their program to meet site-specific and regulatory needs. From managing the impacts in situ and monitoring the effects of ambient vapours, to providing tailored remedial measures, Heather has been as an integral part of this successful designated substance portfolio. As a further dimension to her varied skillsets, Heather has international experience in environmental assessments throughout the United States, Indonesia, the Philippines, Sudan and Gabon.