Andrea Nokleby

Planner - Vancouver


Andrea has over 18 years of experience in a variety of Indigenous community-based projects including comprehensive community planning, land use planning, environmental management, curriculum development and training, policy writing, community capacity building, socio-economic research, and Traditional Knowledge studies. She leads the Indigenous communities services sub-sector.

Her work has taken her to remote communities ranging in size from 70 to 2,500 people, to First Nations located in the urban environment.  A common thread in her work has been public engagement and capacity building at the local level. Her work with Indigenous communities involves extensive ongoing communication with Elders, youth, Band Councils, Chiefs, and local leaders. Her time spent living in and working with Indigenous communities has provided her with valuable insight and a critical understanding of community dynamics, aspirations, challenges and opportunities. She continues to draw upon this first-hand knowledge, experience and cultural awareness in her project work.