Joe Muraca

Environmental Planner - Toronto - North York


Joe is an environmental planner with over 22 years of experience in directing and managing large, multidisciplinary environmental and socio-economic impact assessment and stakeholder consultation projects, both for linear infrastructure and facilities. He has also been involved in environmental mitigation and inspection services and has provided expert testimony at the Ontario (oral and written) and National Energy Boards (written interrogatory responses). Joe has worked to assist a wide range of companies in managing/coordinating the environmental assessment, stakeholder consultation and permitting of a variety of facilities.  He has acted as a client relationship manager for Enbridge since 2008, is currently acting as operations lead for Dillon’s resources sector, and chairs the retirement plans committee.

Joe approaches complex issues in a strategic manner, balancing clients’ business interests with their obligations to regulatory authorities. A vocal advocate for his clients, he prides himself on a practical and results-driven approach to permitting and approvals.  Joe is also known for his ability to provide clear communication and effective project delivery.

A project manager for over a decade, Joe has had resounding success managing projects and portfolios of work for linear infrastructure clients. Joe has a relationship-based approach to contract and project management. Understanding what his clients need and how deliverables should be provided to best serve their expectations is one of his key differentiators. His level of credibility and reliability has been described by his clients as being at the ‘utmost level of professionalism and consistency.

Joe is also excellent at implementing effective project logistics. He understands how his clients operate, and always looks for ways to innovate service delivery and performance gains over time.