Tom Grimminck

Geoscientist - Hamilton

Tom has over 28 years of experience as an environmental engineer and contractor. He has provided expertise for detailed contaminant delineation, remediation of contaminated sites, development and implementation of remedial action plans (RAPs) and risk management plans (RMPs), landfill design and construction, and long term monitoring of contaminated sites and/or landfills. His experience includes the design and commissioning of groundwater extraction and treatment systems, implementation of large-scale impacted soil excavations, capping of contaminant source zones and the in situ and ex situ treatment of both soil and groundwater impacts.

In addition to his design experience, Tom has also been responsible for the preparation of specifications and tender packages for environmental rehabilitation projects; evaluation of bids and selection of contractors; contract negotiation; preparation of feasibility and cost studies related to remedial options evaluation; project management and contract management of large remediation projects involving numerous sub-contractors; and preparation of site specific health and safety plans and environmental management plans for environmental remediation sites.