Bryan Gale

Operations Lead, Environmental Sciences - Ottawa


Bryan has over 18 years of experience as a biologist, specializing in infrastructure projects throughout Canada, and is a project manager and operations lead for the environmental sciences group at Dillon. Bryan’s career has focused on ecology and regulatory approvals with experience working in government and consulting, based in Ontario and Alberta, with projects throughout the country. 

His main area of expertise is in aquatics and regulatory approvals for instream work projects, including bridges, pipeline crossings, flood mitigation projects, and wetland impact assessments. He works extensively with construction contractors as an environmental lead for infrastructure projects and is well versed in the construction project life-cycle and associated regulatory requirements with experience in erosion and sediment control auditing, and construction site environmental compliance monitoring. 

Bryan also has experience conducting and coordinating natural science baseline assessment projects including; fisheries and aquatics assessments, wetland classification and delineation assessments, wildlife inventory/assessment, soils classification assessments, and biophysical impact assessments for mining, oil and gas, utilities, urban development, and transportation projects.