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Rory Baksh

Associate / Office Manager / Technical Service Lead


Rory has over 21 years of experience in growth management, official plan reviews and municipal comprehensive reviews, environmental and social impact assessment, strategic environmental assessment, climate change, and social advancement. Rory has extensive experience in policy analysis, land use planning, long-range infrastructure planning, institutional strengthening, and stakeholder consultation. He has designed and implemented numerous public engagements for a wide range of community-based and strategic projects.

National Land Use Policy and Physical Development Plan - Dominica

Dillon has been working closely with the Physical Planning Division of the Commonwealth of Dominica to establish a National Land Use Policy and National Physical Development Plan for the country. This project will help Dominica address competing land use pressures from agriculture, tourism, settlement, and infrastructure, as well as climate change impacts. Dominica is one of the first countries in the region to adopt a National Land Use Policy and Physical Development Plan.

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City Master Plan - Jubail Industrial City, Saudia Arabia

Jubail Industrial City (JIC) and Ras Al Khair Industrial City (RIC) represent significant contributions to the regional and global market for petrochemical and mining products in eastern Saudi Arabia. With city population and output forecasted to double within the next 20 years, Dillon was tasked by the Royal Commission of Jubail with developing a city master plan; provide a light and support plan for a 500 ha J1 light industrial park which is home to over 400 businesses; and make an assessment of future transportation needs for both cities.

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