Douglas Bell

Hydrogeologist - Winnipeg


Doug has over 30 years of geological, environmental and hydrogeological experience. He has managed numerous risk assessments, phased environmental site assessments, site characterizations, reclamation projects, and remediation projects involving various public sector and commercial/industrial facilities and waste management sites across western Canada and in the North.

in 2019, Doug took on promotion of professional geoscience at the national
level and has been the Manitoba Director for Geoscientists Canada. He also serves on the Securities Committee for Geoscientists Canada. In 2020 and 2021, respectively, he served as part of the audit committee and the treasurer/executive committee. Doug has been active with the Board and has been on various committees including roles on the Executive team for the past two years and is the current President of Geoscientists Canada. He is also a Fellow of Geoscientists Canada.