Kristin Banks

Operations Lead, Environmental Sciences - Fredericton


Kristin has 18 years of experience working in the public and private sectors in Atlantic Canada in environmental assessment field. Her experience has included completing Provincial Environmental Impact Assessments and federal environmental screenings aligned with the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act 2012 s.67 for projects ranging from port modernization projects to wind farms.

Kristin is also actively involved in many First Nation community-based projects. Through this role she has developed an understanding of the challenges faced by many First Nation communities in New Brunswick. With this understanding Kristin has developed a passion for working with each community to build capacity through the project work and support community members in achieving success. Recently she has managed the environmental screenings for Esakasonki First Nation, Kingsclear First Nation. Metepenagiag First Nation and Wasauksing First Nation.

She has also been involved in the management of several large-scale environmental programs including environmental protection plans, existing environment assessment, management of environmental and social risks, human health and ecological risk assessment and remediation that span the Atlantic Provinces. Kristin has been responsible for advancing over 100 sites through the Management of Contaminated Sites process and Federal Contaminated Sites Program. Through these programs she has developed a strong understanding of the regulatory process and typical challenges that clients may face in advancing projects.