Past Projects

Dillon Consulting Limited presents: “Greenhouse Gases and Food” – a webinar

I know greenhouse gases (GHGs) come out of the tailpipe when I drive, but I work in food security and I am concerned about:

  • Where do food organizations emit GHGs? 
  • How can we measure our emissions? 
  • How can we mitigate our emissions?

The Dillon team answered these questions and more in a March 2022 webinar that taught the basics of greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting: “Greenhouse Gases and Food”. The purpose of the webinar was to help food security organizations gain an understanding of GHG inventories, identify mitigation methods, and learn how to set targets to reduce emissions. 

Everdale Learning Centre – Good Food Forest

Everdale is a farm-based registered charity that provides hands-on, solution-based food and farming education to build and engage healthy local communities.

Everdale asked for Dillon’s help in designing a “Good Food Forest”—which is a new component of their ongoing Good Food Project. The objective of the Good Food Forest project is to design and provide a conceptual layout for a food forest/permaculture orchard that will be approximately 10 acres in size, and located on existing vacant areas of the Everdale property. The design will be focused on eventually producing 250,000 lbs of fresh, sustainable produce annually for Everdale’s agency partners (Seed and East Wellington Community Services). It will also act as a carbon sink, support other food growing activities at the farm, and serve as an educational resource for students, schools, new farmers, and others who see the value of locally produced food. 

To assist with this project, Dillon will provide landscape architecture, planning, hydrogeology, and water resources professionals.

Project Status

In progress. We have completed the base plan and are now working with the client on the schematic design.

Building Bridges Erie Shores – Food System Overview

The Bridge is a youth resource centre located in Leamington, Ontario. A grant from The Ontario Trillium Foundation currently funds the purchases required for The Bridge’s nightly hot meal and nutritional programs. 

Dillon has been asked to help The Bridge better understand opportunities that may be available locally to support their food security efforts so that the organization has sustainability for the long term.

Project Status

In Progress. Dillon has met with The Bridge to clarify the project scope and timeline.

The Bridget logo
Hope house engineering design

Hope House – Kitchen Design Support

Hope House is a community support centre located in Guelph, Ontario that provides a variety of programs and services. The goal of Hope House is to empower its patrons toward greater independence while also providing food and other support.

Hope House requested Dillon’s assistance in upgrading its existing servery into an educational kitchen. Specifically, Dillon was asked to complete a structural engineering review of an interior wall that Hope House wished to remove. A number of programs are planned for the educational kitchen, with a take-away breakfast program already slated to begin when the renovations are complete. That program alone is expected to generate a minimum of 120 meals per week.

Project Status

Completed. Based on the anticipated 10-year timeframe until a major renovation is needed, the kitchen upgrades at Hope House are anticipated to generate at least 61,200 meals. Dillon will be following up with Hope House when more information is available about enrollment in the additional programs planned for the space, including a cooking class and a meal kit preparation program for new immigrants.

The Round Table Co-op – Food Hub Feasibility Study and Food System Assessment

The Round Table Co-operative/La Table Ronde Ltd. is a bilingual community economic development (CED) project management and consulting agency based in Miramichi, New Brunswick. A social purpose organization (SPO), it works specifically to engage diverse groups of people and deliver high levels of social, environmental, and cultural impact.

The Round Table Co-operative is seeking to create New Brunswick’s first official food hub. To support this initiative, the Dillon team was asked to conduct community engagement sessions and develop an interactive mapping tool (ArcGIS web map and a Story Map) to better understand community food assets. This will serve as a critical first step in understanding and informing the broader feasibility of a food hub in the province of New Brunswick. 

Project Status

This project was completed on March 1, 2022.

In the News

Aerial view of the Outflow property

Outflow Farm – Engineering Support

Outflow Ministry Inc. is a faith-based charity that helps people in Saint John who live in poverty by addressing unemployment, hunger, homelessness, and medical costs.

Outflow is currently developing the “Outflow Farm” on a piece of land that they own in Kars Parish, Kings County, NB, which was donated to them in 2012. The Farm will include cabins, ponds, vegetable gardens, hiking trails, and gathering space. A big component of the vision for the farm is to provide a place where members of the Catapult Training and Employment program can put their training and skills to use, as well as provide a work/retreat space for people in need who would likely not have the opportunity otherwise.

Dillon has provided support with site engineering and design for their overall site layout, septic system, cabin plans, as well as a structural assessment for an old barn that is in desperate need of repair. Dillon is also designing an accessibility ramp for Outflow’s main shelter in Saint John, NB. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the community and surrounding areas who have helped with this project and donated some of their time and/or materials and resources; including, but not limited to: 

  • Hall Bros. Enterprises Ltd. – Equipment provideSarcon Construction Ltd.  – Septic installation, access road construction, debris/garbage removal
  • Alantra Leasing Inc. – Trailer donation for mobile cabin
  • E.R. Steeves Ltd. – Well installation
  • Heritage Window & Door Inc. – Window and door provider
  • Jake Of All Trades (John Urquhart) – Certified ICF builder
  • Andrew Killiam – Building movers/raisers
  • Gable Enterprises Ltd. – ICF Provider
  • Loch Lomond Home Hardware Building Center – Building material provider
  • Brian Hook – Building Inspector
  • Tim Brown – Septic Inspector

Project Status

In progress. Three tiny homes/cabins were designed by the Dillon team, two of which are currently under construction. A new central septic system designed by Dillon will now receive septic waste from the existing house, as well as the waste from three cabins once completed and in place. We are currently working on an accessibility ramp for their main shelter in Saint John.

Food First Foundation – School Breakfast Program Toolkit

Food First is a registered charity in Yellowknife whose mission is to support food and nutrition education programs in schools with the goal of encouraging a healthy population of children and youth for future generations.

Food First requested Dillon’s help in developing an NWT-specific toolkit for its school partners to assist in delivering in-school breakfast programs. The toolkit was designed to help school breakfast program coordinators with meal preparation, food safety, nutrition, and incorporating local and country foods where feasible. 

Dillon worked with Food First Foundation to provide support with: 

  • Reviewing existing information and literature relating to the toolkit 
  • Designing engagement tools to gather feedback from people currently working with breakfast programs
  • Summarizing and analyzing information from the engagement to inform the design of the toolkit
  • Creating, revising, finalizing, and circulating the toolkit.

Project Status

This project was completed on March 1, 2022.

Food first recipients
Food Rescue Yellowknife logo

Food Rescue Yellowknife – Structure Feasibility Study

Food Rescue Yellowknife is a non-profit organization that receives safe, nutritious and usable food from local grocers which would otherwise be discarded, and distributes it to non-profit organizations, schools and daycares throughout the city.

The Food Rescue currently operates out of canvas tents that are over 10 years old. Their heating costs are high, as the tents are not insulated. They need to decide whether to move to a permanent site and building, or to remain where they are and invest in new canvas tents. They want to make the facility greener, and think that funding may be available to help accomplish this. 

To assist Food Rescue Yellowknife, Dillon is conducting a Feasibility Study (temporary vs. permanent structure) and exploring opportunities to help: 

  1. Identify grants 
  2. Develop a strategy to rejuvenate the organization
  3. Assist with developing SOPs, policies, management model, governing practices and food contamination.

Project Status

We are currently working with the client on preparing the design options of facilities.