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Belize Water Services Selects Dillon for Water Utility Assessment

Dillon is pleased to have been selected by Belize Water Services to complete a water utility climate risk and vulnerability assessment. The country of Belize has been identified as a high-risk water sector because, while resources exist to service the current population, population growth (including tourism) and projected changes in climate are anticipated to apply significant pressure on the sector’s sustainability.

The assessment will focus on helping the water utility move forward with resilient development through:

  • Definition of the climate hazards that may be relevant to each group of assets
  • A clear identification of risks associated with individual assets
  • Identification and ranking of vulnerabilities of each asset
  • Assessment of the appropriate form of risk management for each of the vulnerabilities
  • Identification of adaptation options that are relevant to areas where risk control is required, and consultation with stakeholders to identify the best fit adaptation measures
  • Development of an adaptation plan that contains clear implementable actions with a schedule and cost estimates.

For more information, contact Ravi Mahabir (

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